ICP | Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

  • 100% of patients plateaued or had poor fit with previous programs
  • 80% of patients began achieving short term rehab goal by the end of 2d week of therapy
    • With personalized software
    • Therapy activity personalized to an upcoming event in their life
    • Therapy structured to make patient active and engaged
  • 5% showed unusual gains in cognitive functioning, suggestive of involvement of a neuroplasticity mechanism
  • Conditions treated:
    • TBI, stroke, anoxia, solvent encephalopathy, aphasia, dyslexia, and in some cases with severe physical disabilities as well

Financial Outcomes

  • Telehealth modality has lower costs and higher margins
  • A pilot project with low resources, low risk, and high reward

Marketing Outcomes and Competitive Advantages

  • Major advantages in patient experience
  • Greatly expanded catchment area
  • A High Achievers program for individuals with high achievements in education, profession, or avocation
  • A Student program for undergraduate and graduate students, and some high school students