ICP | Neuro-Rehab


The Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics has an international reputation for our expertise in brain injury rehabilitation, which uses our novel Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™. We have demonstrated convincingly that our therapy can achieve better clinical results than conventional in-clinic therapy, particularly for more complex cases. At the same time, the costs of delivering this modality is lower than the costs for the typical in-clinic program. The results are attributed to our proprietary implementation of telehealth, which involves both technology and clinical techniques. We also developed 2 specialty brain injury telehealth programs, one for High Achievers, and the other for Higher Education students. These programs can be delivered to patients hundreds and thousands of miles away, greatly increasing the catchment area.

Our original mission addressed the needs of traumatic brain injury patients with ongoing dependence on caregivers. From the beginning, we achieved remarkable successes, particularly with patients that had plateaued in other programs. The key to our success was highly personalizing the software to the changing needs and priorities of the individual patient. We developed a way of quickly personalizing the technology and therapy along the outpatient continuum.

We created a model facility for telehealth rehabilitation services, serving the Institute’s R&D and clinical activities. Diagnoses expanded to stroke, aphasia, solvent encephalopathy, anoxia, and dyslexia; and it became apparent that autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities are also diagnoses which the modality can achieve. We have delivered tens of thousands of hours of clinical services reimbursed as conventional (non-experimental) services. We have published many case studies, and developed unique expertise in hospital-to-home telehealth, with an understanding of the advantages of telehealth that other vendors have still not learned.

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