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Technology will produce better clinical outcomes

Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™

Can surpass what can be achieved in the clinic
We needed to develop a therapy modality that went beyond conventional rehab therapy. Our challenge was the plight of traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients who could no longer benefit from in-clinic therapy services, but were too disabled to return to their normal lives.

The Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics (ICP) succeeded with what has become Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™. The vast majority of “plateaued” patients achieved a substantial therapy goal within 2 weeks of beginning with this innovative modality, and they continued to make gains in their level of functioning. We discovered that this approach could serve other diseases/clinical problems that involve intensive occupational therapy and speech therapy.

The outstanding clinical outcomes are the result of:

  • Our strong Patient-Centered approach
  • Highly personalized therapy software
  • New therapists’ tools for treating challenging cases
  • Many important advantages to treatment when neither the patient nor the clinician travels for the session

To learn more about Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™, please call us at 610-715-0400, or to email us.

How We Work


  1. Clinical outcomes that exceed what can be achieved by outpatient in-clinic therapy
  2. Clinicians learn new techniques which expand the range of patients that can be successfully treated, thereby extending the field
  3. A low-resource, low-risk, high-reward project can be designed
  4. Facility program gains referrals locally, regionally, and nationally
  5. Clinicians identify other diseases and conditions which can be treated with Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™ modality and therapeutic techniques and interventions
  6. Telehealth modality achieves gains in clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, and patient-experience outcomes


  1. Experience constant and tangible gains from treatment received
  2. Therapy services to their own environment, always the home but also school, workplace and community
  3. Reduces various kinds of patient and caregiver stresses
  4. Offers greater opportunity to use real activities and rewards in therapy
  5. Use of a supportive software suite for patients
    1. High personalization of patient software, so that both apps and instructions to patients are immediately intuitive
  6. A broad patient-centered model that allows patients to:
    1. Have insights that improve their clinical outcomes
    2. Leverage their abilities and strengths
    3. Achieve engagement in therapy and a more active role in treatment

Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics

  1. Patient software suite apps that run on Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Windows computers, tablets, and smart phones
    1. Software can be personalized in minutes so it is intuitive to the patient
    2. “Intuitive” means that the patient doesn’t need training to be able to use the app
  2. ICP provides therapists and patients with the technical support they need which typically can be provided online from our offices
  3. We provide therapists and patients with their versions of the Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions software
  4. We provide therapists with extensive training and support. We also provide administrators, case managers, and sales staff with their training needs
To learn more about Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™, please call us at 610-715-0400 , or  to email us.

Our Process & Technology

Our ProcessICP’s technology is driven by our strong Patient-Centered orientation. It is highly personalized to the individual patient, and enables shared decision-making. Personalizing the software also makes it intuitive to each patient along their course of treatment. It uses low-cost, high-powered computer hardware – tablets and smartphones as well as Windows notebooks that are commonly found in the home – meaning that there is no investment in equipment or infrastructure software that must be installed by the facility’s IT staff.

The technology also addresses the needs of the facility in competitive environments.

Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™ enables a facility to differentiate its products based on customer convenience, on state-of-the-art technology, and on clinical and financial outcomes. This provides a rich set of advantages for all stakeholders involved. The Hospital-to-Home Telehealth Sessions™ process makes sense to the patient with and the patient’s loved ones. It makes sense to be treated at home so that clinicians can observer the home environment and gain a better understanding of the patient. It makes sense to them to use the patient’s activities in their environment as the context for therapy. It makes sense to them to use highly personalized software that is intuitive the patient.