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Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™

From the Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics

ICP’s Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™ achieves better clinical outcomes, particularly for patients with more complex cases. The key to these results is our innovative patient-centered technology architecture and clinical process. Clinicians see patients in their natural environment, producing more personalized treatment. Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™ makes it easier to expand outpatient catchment areas and create virtual catchment areas.

To learn more about Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™, please call us at 610-715-0400, or to email us.

There are different strategies for local hospitals, regional hospitals groups, specialty hospitals, tertiary medical centers, and world-class medical institutions

How We Work


  1. Executives identify strategic opportunities for Home-to- Hospital Telemedicine Sessions™ in consultation with ICP.
  2. A low-resource, low-risk, high-reward project is then designed.
  3. Clinicians gain competence in Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™ modality and clinical techniques.
  4. Administrators, managers, and other clinicians have formal and informal opportunities to explore the project’s processes and outcomes.
  5. Early adopters hospitals can have substantial advantages over their peers.


  1. Patient and household are relieved of all transportation worries and issues – weather, traffic, scheduling conflicts, mild illness, and the long time commitment for a relatively short visit with the clinician.
  2. Better communication between patient and clinician
    1. Patients can more easily prepare questions and raise compliance problems than in typical clinic visit
    2. Patients can receive written and personalized instructions that they can understand
  3. Patients in their environment can access more accurate information for clinicians.
  4. Patient-side telemedicine software is personalized to promote patient engagement and greater compliance
  5. The structure of the encounter makes it easier for the patient to have a greater degree of shared decision-making.
  6. There are additional procedures and activities depending on the medical condition and discipline involved
  7. The patient is more comfortable in their setting, the place where they will apply the guidance and skills learned in the session


  1. ICP provides therapists and patients with the technical support they need which typically can be provided online from our offices.
  2. We provide therapists and patients with their versions of the Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions software.
  3. We provide therapists with extensive training and support. We also provide administrators, case managers, and sales staff with their training needs.
To learn more about Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™, please call us at 610-715-0400 , or  to email us.

Our Process & Technology

Our ProcessICP’s technology is based on our proprietary model. It uses low-cost, high-powered computer hardware – tablets and smartphones as well as Windows notebooks – coupled with an innovative software architecture. That flexible architecture is capable of supporting outpatients with a broad spectrum of clinicians addressing a broad spectrum of medical conditions and diseases. And the architecture is strongly patient-centered, meaning that it is highly personalized to the patient, and enables shared decision-making. Personalizing the software also makes it intuitive to each patient along their course of treatment.
The technology addresses the needs of the facility in competitive environments where products are fundamentally the same. Facilities compete primarily on a basis of location and image. Most patients do well with in-clinic therapy. But there are a considerable number who can do better with telemedicine, and these people will often have more complex cases.

Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™ enables a facility to differentiate its products based on customer convenience, on state-of-the-art technology, and on clinical and financial outcomes. This provides a rich set of advantages for all stakeholders involved.

The Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™ process makes sense to the patient with and the patient’ loved ones. It makes sense to be treated at home so that clinicians can observer the home environment and gain a better understanding of the patient. It makes sense to them to use the patient’s activities in their environment as the context for therapy. It makes sense to them to use highly personalized software that is intuitive the patient. And for patients who have had difficulty with in-clinic therapy, making the change to telemedicine is confirmed by seeing concrete rapid progress.

To learn more about Hospital-to-Home Telemedicine Sessions™, please call us at 610-715-0400 , or  to email us.